i have ‘grown’

someone tagged me and old video in facebook. a video that was produced back in 2008.

there was an old picture of me in the video. a younger version of me. so full of life. so happy. so cheerful. so SKINNY!


i really think that i should get back to yoga seriously and consider for a morning walk (since i do not fancy running or jogging. heh) yes, before i had to go for plus size sport bras, i REALLY should consider getting into the exercise mode again.

ugh.. the misery.

slow sunday

Took my mom to the dentist to get her tooth filled last night. Then after, we went for a walk followed by window shopping at the local supermarket. This particular supermarket sells almost everything! From groceries, to home wares, to kitchen utensils, washing machines… even musical instruments! I didn’t notice any martin acoustic guitar strings tho, but there was a beautiful set of drums on display! Bright blue in color, the drum set definitely is an eye-catching piece of thing. Not too pricey too, since it’s not a famous brand – uhm, it was unbranded actually – but the funny thing was, there’s this huge note on the drum set that says “Do not test”.

Good luck on getting the drum set sold if people are not allowed to play it. LOL